Saturday, 19 December 2015

Bat Cupcakes

Last weekend was Halloween and for this year, I spent it baking Bat Cupcakes and other halloween themed cakes with one of my closest friends! Unfortunately our versions of the bat cup cakes didn't turn out like they should of done/the ones that inspired ours! But once again I used my trusty Cadbury's brownie recipe to create these incase cupcakes and we went along this step-by-step guide to create the oreo bats on top! It took us four hours to get a final piece but it was so worth it in the end!

So for the bat themselves you need mini oreos, normal sized oreos, icing, white chocolate chips and small brown M&Ms - but as I live in the UK it's extremely hard to get a hold of small M&M so we improvised and used milk chocolate chips, which worked just as well! I made 6 bats so I needed 12 of the mini oreos, 6 normal sized oreos, 12 milk chocolate chips and 6 white chocolate chips. The mini oreos take care of the eyes and ears, normal sized ones are used for the body and wings, white chocolate chips for the fangs and the milk chocolate chips for the eyes!

For the icing we used left over oreo tops and crumbled it up til its like a sand like consistency, so that it wouldn't clog up the piping nozzle. Then we put 200g of butter and 600g of icing sugar into a bowl to create the buttercream icing! After we took about 4 big spoonfuls of the butter cream and put it in the bowl which we smashed up the oreo in, and folded it until it was thoroughly mixed together.

For the rest of our cupcakes we used small sugar halloween themed decorations, 'Creepy confetti' and poping candy! For some of them we added extra colours down the side of the piping bad to add a little something extra to the butter cream so that they all didn't have just a boring coloured butter cream on them because it's halloween so we had too!


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