Thursday, 29 October 2015

Pumpkin Carving

So we all know that halloween is this weekend and I'm sure many of you have plans! But for me, I spent my pre-halloween carving pumpkins with my best friend and on the actual day of Halloween I'll be spending it creating awesome cup cakes with another close friend of mine! Fortunately for you, we filmed this and put it on my best friends youtube, so I shall leave a link here for you!

I've only ever carved a pumpkin once before I did again this year, and lets just say they didn't go swimmingly either times! I did the same design this year as I did about 2 years ago, and yes, I did a pug - we all know I LOVE pugs! My best friend on the other hand, did what any other normal human would do and she did just a typical pumpkin face. Hers was definitely better than mine!

For the video we both made an effort and dressed up to make it a bit more fun and to get into the halloween spirit a bit more, especially as this is only really the acceptable time for adults to dress up. Jade dressed up as a dead Alice in Wonderland Doll and I dressed up as a cat. The preparation for this did take us an hour or two just to do all our hair and make up but as you'll see,  it was so worth it and Jade did amazing with hers! Unfortunately, we were going to do like a mini photo shoot so we could show what we had done but we ran out of time as we had so much to do! 

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