Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas is over which makes me very sad! Christmas is by far my favourite time of the year. I love the lights, the trees and can't forget all the delicious food! But to add some extra christmas spirit into my home, I decided to make some cupcakes and decorate them all christmassy! And obviously I used my favourite Cadbury's Brownie Recipe!(shock) but as per usual, they turned out to me amazing!

For the icing on these we used the Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge icing as well as making up our own butter cream. The butter cream we made up our own measurements so I'm not going to give you any. Also on for the decoration we used some holly berry and leaf sprinkles as well as iced/sugar decorations!

Overall I think we made about 18, so my friend decorated 9 and I decorated the other 9. Because there was so many we obviously had to do them in two batches and unfortunately, the first batch didn't come out too well! Me being me, accidentally put the oven up too high and left them in for too long so they burnt ever so slightly on the top but that didn't make them any less delicious! but then once I realised the oven was too high, I wacked it down to the right temp and the second lot came out amazingly! But here are some of the final products. They definitely went down a treat with my family! I also have a short video on youtube of me and my friend making them. There's no speaking involved, just some jolly music whilst we make and bake! - https://youtu.be/GthfQL8nwWE

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